Varican Pro Comfort – a convenient way to prevent varicose veins

It is estimated that varicose veins affect six times more women aged 20-35 than men. In older people (over 55-60 years) the proportions are not as visible anymore. Regardless of age and gender, varicose veins should be fought in various ways.

Effective prevention is the use of Varican Pro Comfort. The magnetic band also helps to fatigue the legs, eliminates the feeling of tension and heaviness.

Disorders associated with the abnormal functioning of the circulatory system may manifest themselves in a variety of ways. This is one of the causes of the occurrence of varicose veins, which initially have the form of characteristic small spider webs.

Over time, varicose veins grow, burn and cause pain. If left untreated, they may lead to edema, blood clots, ulceration and even venous blockages. They may be caused by age, genetic conditions, other cardiovascular diseases, sedentary or standing mode of work, overweight and obesity, lack of physical activity, hormonal therapy or even excessive work at the gym.

In people with impaired circulation, the feeling of excessive fatigue, heaviness and tension in the legs is also often present. Each of the problems can be solved by using the Varican Pro Comfort magnetic straps. How to do it properly?

Varican Pro Comfort – optimal use and operation

varican pro comfort Varican Pro Comfort is a set of two magnetic straps that are worn like stockings. Each of them has two 800 gauss magnets.

The bands should be pulled up behind the knees in such a way that they also include the calves. Magnets should adhere exactly to them. It is recommended to put on a wristband in the morning and use it for 3-6 hours a day. It is recommended to moisten the skin before applying it, eg with a cream to limit the risk of further drying. The product can not be used for ulcers and wounds.

Applying on swollen legs may make circulation more difficult (therefore it is better to put them on in the morning and not in the evening). Well placed adhere to the body, do not cause discomfort and you can forget that you use them. Varican Pro Comfort is multi-path operation:

  • Mechanical action : the band causes the body to compress, which in turn affects better blood circulation. As a result, the action translates into the prevention of edema and varicose veins.
  • Magnetic action : the power of magnets evenly distributes pressure on the walls of veins, stabilizes circulation and the effect is synergistic in combination with mechanical action.

What properties does Varican Pro Comfort use?

  • prevents the veins from widening and directly reduces the varicose veins;
  • improves circulation, thanks to which it reduces the occurrence of many dangerous diseases of the circulatory system;
  • eliminates leg swelling;
  • prevents thrombosis;
  • helps prevent varicose veins;
  • eliminates the feeling of heaviness and tension in the legs;

What makes Varican Pro Comfort?

The main element that influences the effectiveness of the Varican Pro Comfort bandages are magnets chosen accordingly. They are surrounded by a comfortable material, which is a combination of nylon (66%), latex (26%) and spandex (8%).

  • The product consists of four magnets with a total power of 3,200 Gauss.
  • Nylon (polyamide) is a waterproof fabric that affects the strength of the band. She began her “career” in 1938 as the main material used for the production of “indestructible” stockings. Currently, it is also used for the production of ski and football clothing. It is strong but not stretchy. Easy to wash and dries quickly.
  • Latex is an additive that gives more flexibility to the armbands. It is used for the production of many everyday objects, eg: gloves. Spandex (elastane) is a stretchy fiber – durable, soft and at the same time pleasant to the touch. It adapts well to the body. It is widely used in sports clothing and in swimwear.

The use of the above fabrics and magnets affects the way the wristbands are cleaned. Varican Pro Comfort should be washed periodically (in an individual case) in lukewarm water. You can not expose the product to high temperatures and use the washing machine. It is also dried in natural conditions. Ironing is forbidden.

What are the user opinions about Varican Pro Comfort?

Varican Pro Comfort is a band that combines knowledge of magnetotherapy, conventional medicine and fabric technology. The product has been tested by specialists who testified about its effectiveness, the desired effect and the absence of unwanted side effects. It was certified that it is safe for the body and at the same time convenient to use.

After some time wearing the leg bands becomes almost imperceptible. In addition to expert opinion, it is also worth reading the recommendations of ordinary people – users who were struggling with varicose veins and general foot fatigue.

  • “While working in a mushroom farm, I’m almost always in a constant motion, but it did not protect me from leg swelling and the origins of varicose veins. At first I noticed that my legs are sluggish, tired and as if strained after working hours. Sometimes I was cramped. I did not do anything about it, it was clear from the conversations that other employees also do. The problem began to get serious when the fatigue did not pass in the morning. I got up and did not feel like after an 8-hour rest. On the contrary. Do you know it? My legs ached, I began to notice disturbing symptoms in the form of spider veins. I was at the doctor, he recommended ointments, but that did not solve the problem. Anyway, he said that it’s hard to do something about it, because by working in this mode I can not eliminate the source of the disease. On the occasion of talking with friends, a solution was found – Varican Pro Comfort magnetic headbands. We have long discussed whether such a thing can actually work. Opinions were divided, but in two we broke from the row and decided to try. In fact, we put on armbands in the morning and wore them for a break. Sometimes towards the laughter of others. At work, we forgot that we have them on our feet (unless someone reminded). And fortunately, they started to work. I do not know how much time, maybe 2-3 weeks, but I noticed the difference. With everyday, several hours of wearing, I did not feel so sore and heavy legs after work. In addition, after weeks of use, I noticed that spider veins gradually began to fade. Now other friends have also found out about Varican Pro Comfort. We are laughing that our company could advertise bands. I recommend “ . – Martyna, 42 years old
  • “There are no jokes with varicose veins – my father struggled with them for years. He suffered, he had problems walking, he was in hell and he underwent rehabilitation after the treatments. Mum at some age also had varicose veins, but it was fortunately possible to liquidate them faster. However, this did not change the forecasts – I got a red card from my life. Doctors agreed that it was almost certain that genetics would cause problems with circulation and varicose veins. I do sports, I use diet supplements, unfortunately I have a job sitting in front of a computer. Lack of physical activity for many hours often make up. Gymnastics in breaks and running after work are just a compromise. When I started to feel tingling in my legs more and more often, heaviness (I do not know why) and saw the first varicose veins, I was scared not for jokes). I was already familiar with the topic, now I have deepened my knowledge even more intensively. Searching for information on the Internet I found the Varican Pro Comfort magnetic headbands. I read about the benefits of magnetotherapy, consulted a colleague and decided to buy. It was worth it. During work I forgot that I wear bands on my feet, but after work I felt better. The uncomfortable feeling disappeared. Like varicose veins – although it took a bit more time. Now I use the preventive bands just to avoid a problem in the future. I praise the decision I made, not without some doubts. I feel better and my fear has disappeared . Robert, 35 years old
  • “My parents always instructed me not to sit down with my foot on my leg, for I will not be able to get blood. I’ll get some more varicose veins – my mother said. I did not do anything about it, I treated it as impractical wisdom, it took years for the doctor to say that it was one of the reasons for my beginnings of varicose veins. Parents also helped a little (genes) as well as being overweight. Unfortunately. I took medicine, went on a diet, tried to do sports regularly, but it only helped in part. Varicose veins decreased, but my legs ached after work. They were enlarged, as if swollen. A daughter working abroad bought me Varican Pro Comfort. She said that in her area the product has a certain reputation and many people recommend it. I was skeptical about the matter, but as I promised, I was sticking to the word. To be honest, I was most afraid that these bands would hurt me while walking. I was positively surprised. The magnets clung to your legs and you did not feel any load or any kind of traffic conflict. They were made of light, comfortable, foam material and it was felt. After weeks of use, I started to feel a lot better. In the evening I did not have any swelling on my legs, I was under the impression that they are much less tired. I could take care of my own business, bury me in the garden, take a walk. Before, I did not have the strength to do it. I’m glad I listened to my daughter. She was quite right. Intuition did not disappoint her . Grażyna, 50 years old

Is it worth to use Varican Pro Comfort? Our opinion

Lack of increased action on the occurrence of varicose veins or edema may result in much more serious complaints. Some of them may end in permanent health detriment. Therefore, in such situations you have to react as soon as possible. Do not wait, procrastination can not do anything, only deepen the problem.

The methods of counteracting varicose veins on the market are the most diverse – some of them are invasive for the body. This can be avoided by using effective and yet completely safe means. Varican Pro Comfort meets such requirements.

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