Trichovell – the end of baldness problem

People with a tendency to baldness sometimes say that a wise head does not keep a hair. Such words must be treated as a smokescreen, because baldness is considered a large, embarrassing aesthetic (and not only) problem.

The problem of hair loss is fortunately possible to eradicate. Thanks to the appropriate products, you can not only stop further baldness, but even undo your negative changes. Trichovell fulfills this task in the form of patches soaked with active substances.

Few people realize that people lose 50-100 hair every day. These are losses that are virtually imperceptible and do not yet constitute grounds for counteracting. Statistically, a man has 100,000 hair follicles.

Hair is produced for two to six years, then they rest for a few months – says Channel News Asia . Worse, when the cycle is disturbed, hair loss is multiplied and drastically progresses. The problem concerns about 35 million men and 21 million women worldwide (according to The Hair Society).

The causes of baldness can vary: genetic conditions, poor diet, poor hygiene. In men, alopecia is increased due to the greater amount of testosterone, whose derivative – dihydrotestosterone (DHT) attacks the hair follicles.

In order to reduce baldness one should get to the source of the problem – among others combating bad habits and providing balance of body and spirit. The invaluable support that is directed by the body to the proper mode of “action” is Trichovell.

What effect does Trichovell show?

trichovell Trichovell has the form of patches (the package contains 28 pieces), which are made of “breathable” material and at the same time contain a number of active substances. Shady color, no fragrance and small size of patches provide comfort of use.

How should I use Trichovell?

The method of application is simple: the patches are placed on the head in places of hair loss, pressed down for a few seconds and then left for 8-10 hours.

Slices are usually used on the bends, the top of the head and behind the ears. For obvious reasons, the treatment is carried out in the evening and at night. Trichovell should be used on dry, clean skin – do not use cosmetics before. You can not stick them on your hair.

The patches gradually release active compounds, thanks to which the action is continuous and long-lasting. Every day should be exchanged for new ones. Satisfactory results are most often obtained after 2-3 months of treatment.

The spectrum of action of Trichovell patches:

  • supporting the growth of strong hair and preventing baldness;
  • liquidation of the bends;
  • strengthening hair bulbs;
  • improving the microcirculation of blood which in turn increases the effectiveness of the treatment;
  • positive effect on the lipid coating on the scalp;
  • reducing the occurrence of dandruff and scaling of the scalp;
  • better oxygenation of cells responsible for hair growth;
  • comprehensiveness: acts prophylactically, temporarily and at the same time prevents the recurrence of the problem;

The composition of active Trichovell plasters

Trichovell plasters are soaked with active substances from well-known and valued medicinal plants as well as organic chemical compounds. The combination of thousands of knowledge in the field of herbal medicine supported by modern knowledge and medical technology ensures synergistic action (multiplied effect), multilevel and at the same time safety of use.

  • Ruscus aculeatus extract – is extracted from the root of a cold-hard plant, also called a chiropractor, found in the Mediterranean basin. Its beneficial properties have been known for thousands of years, describing them, among others Theophrastus, a Greek scholar. The spiny archer stimulates microcirculation, reduces inflammation, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and causes better oxygenation of the cells responsible for hair growth. It contains steroid saponins, phytosterols, alkaloids, benzofuran, flavonoids, essential oil and unsaturated fatty acids.
  • Bamboo extract (Bambusa vulgaris) – in the medicine of the Far East, the tree is equated with the power of cleansing, nutrition and balancing. Healing raw material is herb containing vitamins (mainly C and D), fats, amino acids, enzymes and fructose. It is also a rich source of mineral compounds (iron, calcium, potassium, iodine and a huge amount of silicon). Bamboo improves the appearance of the skin, strengthens the hair and prevents hair loss, nourishes the hair follicles and remineralises the follicles. At the same time, the use of bamboo extracts stimulates the growth of new hair and increases their elasticity, making them less susceptible to breaking.
  • The Sabal minor extract – has a beneficial effect, because it inhibits the action of DHT, a derivative of testosterone responsible for mass hair loss. The serous margin is an effective means of androgenetic alopecia. The pearly shed, also known as saw palmetto, contains fatty acids, lectins, phytosterols and resins. The extract is obtained from its black fruit. In unconventional medicine it has been used since the beginning of the 19th century.
  • Extract from the true vine (Vitis vinifera) – the main task of the component is to improve the microcirculation. In addition, the grapevine has antioxidant and detoxification properties, including It improves the general condition of the scalp and hair, and delays the aging process of cells. Vine prevents the formation of psoriasis. It contains anthocyanins, flavonoids, vitamins A and C, fruit acids, tannins, pectins and polysaccharides.
  • L-cysteine – is an amino acid that is a component of keratin – the main building block of hair. It protects cells from dying, including hair bulbs. It limits hair fragility. It is a frequent component of cosmetics for thick and beautiful hair.
  • Adenosine – an organic chemical compound that prevents hair loss. Gives the hair a density, because it increases their thickness. It prolongs the active phase of hair growth. Adenosine is used, among others in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia.

Recommendations and contraindications for the use of Trichovell

Trichovell are effective patches that have undergone numerous approvals. They contain compounds that are used in anti-alopecia therapy. However, unlike many other products, they use a method that is non-invasive, does not burden the metabolism and does not cause side effects.

Only pregnant women, nursing mothers (no research in these two groups) and people allergic to any of the above ingredients should give up this product (this is a marginal matter, but it can not be completely ruled out).

Trichovell – reviews of users and experts on the effectiveness of the preparation

Trichovell is recommended both by hairdressers, trichologists and ordinary people. It is also worth listening to the latter, because the slices have helped them to a much wider extent than just combating baldness.

  • “It is said that a bald guy can also be attractive to women – I was not, unfortunately. It was felt when, along with progressive baldness, I stopped being noticed by the opposite sex. It started innocently – from the growing bends. At first I did not do anything about it, then I regretted it. Over time, baldness covered the top of the head. I was shaving for zero for some time, but it had to be done 2-3 times a week. Even small increments on parts of the head spoiled the whole effect. I was at the doctor’s trychologist, I started taking medication, but to be honest (or rather writing) did not help much. Just like cosmetics – supposedly helping hair growth and preventing baldness. Finally, I reached for Trichovell slices. I bought them when I was fed up with it and did not really believe that I could do anything. I glued patches daily to the bends and the top of the head (they have a distinctive coin shape). After a few weeks I noticed positive changes. In places where the patches were found, hair began to grow. Initially minor, they gained density over time. In maybe three months, I got rid of the problem I had fought over for years. I also regained confidence, I began to draw life more boldly. I met a beautiful woman, I plan to marry her. Everything returned to normal. All in all, it’s not exactly the right wording, because it’s much better than it was. Trichovell helped me at a critical moment . Karol, 32 years old
  • “When a guy is balding, you can laugh, but generally there is no great tragedy. Ot, bald – and that’s it. Now imagine when baldness appears on the woman’s head. A woman who devotes a lot of money to look perfect in her work (and beyond). My problem almost led me to depression. I used calming powders because I could not go on the agenda. I tried different ways, but the hair loss on the top of my head was growing more and more. The doctor could not detect the causes – everything in the body was normal, including testosterone and other hormones. In the end, rummaging on the net I found Trichovell. Initially I was skeptical about the matter, because I thought: what can some slices help me? I decided, however, because I was actually desperate. I was considering wearing a wig. Fortunately, I made slices for the night and they could not be seen. My husband did not really care what I put on the top of my head. This is the type of guy who will not notice the change in hair colors from gray blond to bronde. Today I can say that I made a great choice (with Trichovell, not my husband). It is true that after the use of the first packaging, there was no major effect, but after about 3-4 months the results exceeded all expectations. The skin on top of her head was covered with hair. In addition, I noticed that all hair is dense, shiny, flexible, less breakable and without splitting ends. I do not have to be ashamed anymore, hair is my trump card. “Anna, 40 years old
  • “In my family, baldness was considered normal. This applied to both men and women. Grandfather had only ragged hair, Grandma turned her long hair to cover her bald head. And it was not the small baldness, just the way to fight her was the reason for jokes in the family. I did not want to accept my inevitable fate – I decided to fight baldness in advance. I used a variety of cosmetics for hair growth, but I noticed widening bends. I needed something that will work point-wise and provide a long-lasting effect. By way of trial and error, Trichovell’s packet finally came into my hands. I stuck patches on bare skin, night into the night. At first nothing happened. I did not give up. After weeks of using and purchasing further packaging, the bends decreased. Now there is no trace of them at all, I have thick hair. And I’m cold. I hope that this state will last as long as possible . Robert, 45 years old

Is it worth using Trichovell? Our opinion

Baldness can affect not only the general perception of a person, but also the psychological sphere. A person who has such a problem often feels uncomfortable, falls into complexes and struggles with stress. This creates a vicious circle from which it is difficult to get out and which is important in many aspects of life. The reasons for combating baldness can be different, each time it is worth putting on effective but also non-invasive solutions. Trichovell slices provide this effect.

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