Ling Fluent – a review of a foreign language learning method

ling fluent methodIf you are reading this text, it means that you are looking for an efficient way to learn a foreign language. The good news is that you will learn the selected foreign language. No matter how old you are, what education you have and what experience in foreign language learning you have – there is nothing to prevent you from speaking any foreign language, including reading and writing skills.

The latest research makes all the stereotypes out of date. It’s not true that the ability to learn languages depends on individual predispositions. Or your age. Note the success that you have already achieved: you have at least perfect skills in one language – your mother tongue. You use this language fluently when speaking, writing and reading.

Scientists have confirmed that if learning vocabulary and phrases is simplified to the maximum, it will bring very quick results. The source of this discovery was an innovative foreign language learning method: Ling FLUENT.

How Ling FLUENT is changing foreign language learning?

ling fluent language methodAll over the world there are many methods of learning vocabulary and phrases. Some of them are based on the principles which seem to be similar to Ling FLUENT, but Ling FLUENT definitely wins against them in scientific research results. So what determines its effectiveness?

  • Emphasis on mobility – Ling FLUENT makes maximum use of all the advantages of mobile devices. Users of tablets or smartphones are used to very simple interfaces. They value those applications most which are user-friendly and can be used without learning how to operate them, because it seems obvious. In Ling FLUENT we used the experience of top application developers from the United States and Japan.
  • Impulse Method – It consists in creating associations. In Ling FLUENT the most basic and necessary mechanism for learning has been used. It is based on memorizing, which consists in associating (linking) what you already know with new information. In Ling FLUENT new words or phrases are presented in the multimedia form: through images, texts and sounds.
  • Revision instead of grammar – Learning grammar is not natural for a human brain. A person communicates much faster remembering for example ready phrases or sentences, than learning about subject or predicate… Note that when you were learning how to communicate using basic sentences, no one taught you inflection first. Ling FLUENT uses similar mechanisms – to mimic the natural process of learning.
  • Important and useful words and phrases – Noteworthy is the choice of words and phrases – very useful, practical and carefully selected. On the platform 1500 words have been gathered. They are divided into 15 categories, so each includes about 100 words. Users learn vocabulary related to the following topics:
  • ling fluent languagesdaily life,
  • work,
  • home,
  • health,
  • food,
  • family,
  • human/appearance,
  • travel,
  • business,
  • money,
  • technology,
  • art,
  • media,
  • weather,
  • nature.

Thanks to a well-thought-out selection of words and phrases, a User learning with Ling FLUENT learns more and more words which are linked to one another. It is much easier then to apply knowledge in practice.

Who can use Ling FLUENT?

The Ling FLUENT platform does not impose any age restrictions. It is so simple to use that even 12-year-old children will manage to do so. It’s definitely worth recommending it to students, adults of all ages, but also high or middle school students – if only the graphic layout is attractive to them.

How the Ling FLUENT method managed to resolve the issue of proficiency level differences?

A smart teaching system adapts to the proficiency level of the user and their pace of learning. In this way, those who learn faster don’t get bored – and the users who need a bit more time to memorize the content can revise words or phrases in their individual way.

ling fluent learning systemAn extremely important part of learning based on the Ling FLUENT method are tests. They have been prepared in a user-friendly form. No one associates them with unpopular school tests – just the opposite, they rather bring gaming to mind.

Ling FLUENT adjusts to the user in a smart way at the very beginning – when you access it. The platform staff help you choose the right course. In addition, for the entire duration of the learning process, technical assistance is available, which is a real support for users.

An additional element of the method (available in the VIP package) are specializations. Users can learn a language of business, a language of a job interview, as well as choose a specialization for the construction industry or for nurses/carers.

What do studies say about the effectiveness of Ling FLUENT?

Ling FLUENT has been developed by research staff – as we read in the descriptions of the method, the project was developed by a team of linguists and language learning facilitators. Unlike many other courses, Ling FLUENT has gained such wide popularity really fast, and therefore one of the research teams (from a University in the United States) decided to take a closer look at this method.

ling fluent effectsIn an experiment, the researchers gathered a group of people who have had problems with learning a foreign language. Because none of the interviewees had previously had contact with German, they were offered to learn this language. Then they were divided into three groups: one of them used intensive, traditional multimedia language course for learning at home, the second was sent on an intense language course at a language school, and the third received access to Ling FLUENT. During the research period the name of the method was kept secret.

All the subjects thought that they used the latest learning method. After one month of classes their results were compared. The members of the group which used the Ling FLUENT method have learned five times more words and phrases than those in the group attending an intensive course at a language school, and as much as seven times more words and phrases than the group learning at home with the use of a traditional multimedia course.

In order to assess the level of memorization of the material, the participants were asked to stop using the courses for four consecutive weeks, after which period the language test was conducted again. The group learning with the use of the Ling FLUENT platform attained the best results here as well. Their level of memorizing the course content reached 89%, while the group attending a course at a language school still remembered about 45% of the vocabulary, and a group of students using a traditional multimedia course – only 35% of the vocabulary.

Expert opinions about Ling FLUENT

learning with ling fluentM. Davis, a methodologist specializing in foreign language courses for adults, agreed to interpret the results of the study for us. He told us: It was certain that one day a course will be developed which will open everyone the door to learning a foreign language. For many years scientists worked and pondered on how to use the natural mechanisms of the human brain in language learning. Ling FLUENT was the first to do it and achieved the best results – I suppose that for many years this platform will be the absolute leader among all language courses.

It is possible to choose from three variants of the course on the Ling FLUENT platform – tailored to your individual needs

Due to the different fluency levels of participants, a special Ling FLUENT training program has been prepared in three variants.

The first one is the basic variant – the Basic Package. It contains 1,500 of the most commonly used words and expressions. To make learning easier, the expressions are divided into 15 categories depending on their subject matter. Access to the Basic Package option is available for six months from registration.

The PRO Package is the second largest program developed by the Ling Fluent platform. It includes 5,000 words and expressions broken down into 25 distinct categories. You can benefit from the PRO package continuously for one year from registration.

The third option – VIP – contains 5,000 words and expressions divided into 25 categories. An additional advantage of this package is the unlimited time access.

Breaking down your learning process into special packages proves to be a very beneficial solution, which guarantees quick and effective learning. It allows the user to choose the most convenient time to learn and the type of words to learn. Moreover, language acquisition takes place in stages, and vocabulary is appropriately prepared. New vocabulary is made available at regular intervals, so that it can be gradually assimilated. Such a method enables you to fully understand phrases from individual chapters, it enhances your understanding of them and makes the course more varied and interesting.

How exactly is learning foreign languages through the Ling Fluent platform achieved?

Each of us is different and acquires knowledge in a unique way. Taking into account the different preferences of individual people, the platform creators have ensured vocabulary learning in a varied manner, using the auditory, visual, written and cognitive method. As a result, people who use the platform will be able to learn foreign language phrases effectively and permanently. This program was prepared by experienced methodologists and linguists, which guarantees high quality throughout the entire course.

Specially developed flashcards are the most common method of presenting new vocabulary on the Ling Fluent platform. They reach the learner through all senses.

Each flashcard refers to a contextual situation or presents an event which one can easily associate with a specific word. There is also a correct translation and exact pronunciation, as well as a characteristic picture or photo. This turns learning into an interesting and enjoyable process, which does not discourage you from continuing it and provides entertainment. In addition, it engages all your senses so that your learning process becomes multisensory.

What is multisensory learning and why is it so effective?

Learning based on the multisensory method uses all senses simultaneously so that learning is effective. It delivers information to the brain in all possible ways. As a result, a person can quickly and permanently memorize vocabulary – even for life. The multisensory method is an alternative to the monotonous and strenuous memorizing of individual phrases.

What makes the multisensory method on the Ling Fluent platform even more effective?

Multisensory learning is effective on its own as our lifelong learning process is performed through what we hear, observe and associate. We remember some things better, some less, and it all depends on their use frequency and their relation to a particular person or situation. The same is true for multisensory learning which can be enhanced in a few simple ways:

  • Using a repetition system and aligning words with relevant topic categories. The Ling Fluent method includes an innovative phrase revision scheme that allows you to memorize them very quickly. Furthermore, the revision process helps you learn new vocabulary and recall those expressions which you already know. As a result, your knowledge is constantly being reinforced.
  • Contextual matching of expressions and words allows you to recognize them automatically once they occur in a sudden situation. In such a case, ready-to-use expressions, schemes and whole sentences are important for you to match and make use of them at any time. In order to make this method even more helpful, additional illustrations stimulating the association mechanism should be used. This makes it possible to memorize a foreign language five times faster than during traditional language courses.
  • Listening to the correct pronunciation of the word increases the effectiveness of the multisensory method and teaches the correct pronunciation.

All the above methods further increase the efficiency of knowledge acquisition by means of engaging all senses. Using such a combination on the Ling Fluent platform guarantees a fast and effective method of learning a foreign language that will remain in your memory for the rest of your life.

The Ling Fluent platform is the best place to learn foreign languages

With Ling Fluent, you learn foreign languages based entirely on multisensory methods. The platform also motivates you to learn new expressions and vocabulary as it presents your progress as a percentage value. Most importantly, it helps build self-confidence with regard to the linguistics. Many people think they know at least one foreign language. Unfortunately, in an unforeseen situation which requires their language skills to be used, they often experience a mental block due to their lack of practice in conversing with other people. Taking this into account, the Ling Fluent platform also offers additional conversations and classes with a teacher, which are focused on learning the correct pronunciation and vocabulary, as well as familiarizing with a given language culture.

What do conversations with a Ling Fluent teacher entail?

First of all, they are adjusted to users’ expectations and their individual needs. This is an additional form of e-learning, which has been prepared in the traditional way. It allows you to contact your teacher, without having to go out. It is a perfect way to learn for people who want to expand their vocabulary in a fast-paced and relaxed environment. Regular conversations with a teacher perfectly complement the vocabulary, eliminate possible mistakes, shape the correct accent and speaking fluency, as well as allow you to use in practice the knowledge you gained while learning with flashcards.

Conversation classes with a teacher are available to all Ling Fluent users at two fluency levels – basic and advanced. If you do not feel like taking an active part in the conversation, you can simply listen to other people talking and absorb the vocabulary they use. A great advantage of this platform is the option to maintain your anonymity so that you feel comfortable to freely express your opinion. If you do not have the time to speak in a foreign language at a given moment, you can watch a lesson as each of them lasts 45 minutes.

Lessons using the Ling Fluent method are varied and maintain continued interest

Each class with a teacher introduces a different topic, previously announced by the teacher. It allows the participants to prepare appropriately and test their knowledge from the following sections: let’s get to know each other, essential expressions, human and character traits, home, work and professions, leisure time and hobbies, food, clothes, family and friends, travel and tourism, shopping and services, sports, money, places, health, technology, holidays and celebrations, school and education, technology, media, culture, states and continents, courtesy expressions, most important adjectives and verbs.

Only effective speakers or headphones and the Internet access are needed to benefit from conversation classes with a teacher. You may use your smartphone as well – just install the special mobile application. This is not much to ask in order to learn a language perfectly, and thanks to Ling Fluent this can be a natural and intuitive process.

Is Ling FLUENT worth it? Our opinion

Taking into account the above research, expert opinion, numerous confirmations of effectiveness as well as our editorial test that confirmed the pleasant, intuitive nature of learning with Ling FLUENT – we recommend this method to the Readers.

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